X145 e-Display


The Cla-Val Model X145 “e-Display” displays rate up to five digits and totals up to eight digits. The e-Display can be programmed to automatically or manually toggle between rate and totalizing functions. Standard features include an optional backlit display with bargraph, on-screen custom engineering units, max/min display and alarm and pulse outputs.   Ideal for use with the X144 e-FlowMeter.

Advantages include:
  • Displays: Flow Rate, Total, Pressure, Position and mA
  • IP-65 Rated
  • SCADA compatible 
  • Customizable units 
  • Backlight optional 
Advanced features include:
  • Pulse output available for SCADA, PLC and logging applications 
  • Configurable for low-flow cut-off 
  • Noise filter
  • Optional password protection
  • Math functions (Linear, Square Root, Programmable Exponent)