Hose Valves & Pressure Reducing Valves for Commercial Fire Protection

Cla-Val Asia Pacific is please to offer a line of hose valves, pressure reducing/restricting and factory set valves for commercial fire protection applications
  • Hose Valves:  HV-100 Series Fire Hose Valves are available with threaded and grooved inlets.  Used with a fire pump test header, these durable valves are a key part of any fire protection piping system.  Available in 1-1/2” and 2-1/2” sizes, the valves feature a Forged Brass body with a Foreline Bonnet & Seat Assembly.  
  • Pressure Restricting Valves:  90-PRV-175 Series Pressure Restricting Valves feature Forged Brass finish bodies with Forgeline Bonnets and Seat Assemblies.  The valves control system water pressure by adjusting the flow restriction, however, if full flow is required the restriction can be overridden.
  • Factory Set Pressure Reducing Valves: The 90-FS-PRV Series Valves are UL/ULC listed Factory Set Pressure Reducing Valve designed to be used as standpipe or floor control valves or as a checking device. The valves are built in compliance with NFPA for Class I systems and can handle “Flow” and “No Flow” conditions and rated for systems up to a maximum inlet pressure of 400 psi. A brass body is standard on 90-FS-PRVs but can be supplied with a chrome plate finish. An optional Supervisory Switch is available at an additional charge.

The valves are factory tested to 300psi to ensure they can meet the demands of the systems in which they are installed.