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Cla-Val has the technical resources you need to design and operate a fluid handling system that is both efficient and reliable.  In this section, you can visit a virtual community to see how our wide range of automatic control valves and related products work together to enable a municipal or rural water distribution system to operate at peak efficiency.

Visit the Waterworks section of Solution City to see where Cla-Val products be used to enhance the performance of water distribution systems

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Use our free downloadable calculators to select the correct valve size for your specific application or how using Cla-Val Pressure Management Valves can save water and operational costs.

Most importantly, explore “Improving System Efficiency” to see the diverse array of accessories and options that can be specified or retrofitted to add functionality such as flow/pressure tracking or metering to any Cla-Val Automatic Control Valve, or our special KO Trim for cavitation control.  From simple enhancements such as adding a X141 Pressure Gauge to changing from a hydraulic pilot control to a 33 Series Electronic Actuated Pilot Control, Cla-Val has the value-added accessories you need to optimize distribution system performance.