Cla-Val Asia Pacific's electronic products are delivered pre-programmed and ready to use. If different operating parameters are desired, firmware and software for each product is available for free download here.

The software driver for e-product cables is also available for free download.

Driver Software for all Cla-Val e-Product USB Cables
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- Driver Software for Win XP/Vista/ Win 7
  (32 bit)
- Driver Software for Win 7 (64 bit) 

Windows 10 Driver:


34 Series Electronic Actuators
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34 Series Software for Windows (e-Drive_V482.exe)

34 Series Firmware: (e-Drive_V403.hex)

X143IP Intermediate Power Generator:
Firmware: e-PowerIP208.hex 
Software: e-PowerIP_V2.1.2.exe
For D11, D12 and D22 (VC-22D) Electronic Valve Controllers: 
VC-22D Firmware: engine-2.8.0.tar

X144 e-FlowMeter
Make a selection to download:
Software for Windows: (X144eflowmeterSetup.v228.exe)
Firmware: (eFlowMeter_v167.hex)

Wiring Diagram (N-Quick_Start_&_Wiring.pdf)

CTC Electronic Timer Control
Make a selection to download:
Software for Windows (e-Timer_V1.70.exe)
Firmware: (e-Timer_V2.70.hex)