Main Valves for Waterworks & Wastewater Applications

The Hytrol is the main (or basic) valve used in nearly all Cla-Val Pacific full port automatic control valves. It is the valve of choice for system applications requiring remote control, pressure regulation, solenoid operation, rate-of-flow control, liquid level control or check valve operation. The simplicity of design and the rugged construction of this diaphragm-actuated valve assure a long life of dependable, trouble-free operation. It is available in various materials and in a full range of sizes, with either threaded, flanged or grooved ends. Its applications are unlimited.

In addition to the Hytrol, there many other main valve configurations available to suit a wide range of operational requirements, including reduced port valves; the Powertrol valve with an intermediate chamber for pump control applications; and basics valves that have been fitted with KO Anti-Cavitation Trim for applications with high capacity and high pressure differentials.  Regardless of your application, Cla-Val Pacific has a valve that can handle the job.