Check Valves for Waterworks & Wastewater Applications

Cla-Val Pacific Check Valves are available in the sizes and configurations you need for your water distribution system. 

Our 81 Series Check Valves use the same main valve as our field proven automatic control valves to deliver unparalleled reliability. In applications where return flow protection is desired, Cla-Val Pacific Check valves provide superior and leak-free performance.   A variation on the standard design, the Model 81-12 is specifically configured for use in variable speed pump applications, providing positive shut-off and surge protection when a pressure reversal occurs.

Cla-Val Pacific Series 500 Check Valve are available in a variety of body styles:

  • Wafer Swing Check
  • Silent Wafer Check
  • Silent Globe Check
  • Two-Door Wafer Check
  • Flex-Check
  • Swing Check Valve
  • Pivoting Disc Check Valve

These sturdy and reliable check valves provide non-slam closure, have low head loss and close drip-tight.

DB Series Duckbill Check Valves round out Cla-Val Pacific's complete line of check valves. Available with a variety of end connections, the DB Duckbill Check Valve’s flexible sleeve design is ideal for applications with continuous operation and exposure to corrosive materials.