VHB - Control Valve Removable Heating Box


The VHB Valve Heating Box provides exceptional protection for valves that are exposed to the elements, particularly in areas where winter temperatures dip below freezing.

When ambient temperatures drop below 35° F, an integral thermometer automatically triggers the heating element in the VHB Heating Box to turn on, protecting exposed control valves from being damaged by freezing temperatures.  When the ambient temperature rises above 50°, the box automatically switches off.  

This automatic on/off temperature control reduces power consumption and maintenance time when ambient temperatures rise or fall throughout the day.

Product Advantages include:

  • Modular design allows for easy installation and removal during warmer seasons 
  • Durable weather resistant construction
  • Designed for valve sizes up to 36”
  • Adjustable stabilization legs prevent heating box movement 
  • Non-heated models also available