• Valve Controller

VC-22D Electronic Valve Controller


The Cla-Val Pacific VC-22D is a valve controller designed to enable remote operation of electronic valves in water treatment plant or distribution systems. The valve controller also serves as an interface between a SCADA system and other devices installed on or around the valve (such as a meter). 

For ease of use, the valve controller is pre-loaded with a wide variety of typical valve applicationsā€ˆ(ValvApps™). Additional custom ValvApps™ can be created by Cla-Val to meet any operational requirement.   Click here to read about the endless valve control possibilities of the VC-22D.
Product Advantages
  • Provides remote or local set-point control for valves in a variety of fluid applications
  • Highly accurate and stable valve control
  • IP-68 Submersible 
  • Valve Controller is supplied with pre-loaded ValvApps™ for most common valve functions 
  • Custom ValvApps™ can be created using Valve Functions to meet unique application requirements 
  • Custom ValveApps can be pre-loaded prior to shipping  
  • Monitors and displays multiple processes with accurate retransmission of parameters to SCADA systems
  • Supplied with Standard Alarm Outputs
  • Logging capabilities
  • Low power consumption: less than 3 watts