SC-22D Surge Control Panel

The Cla-Val Pacific SC-22D provides electronic control to a surge anticipator valve to open in response to events which create pressure surges such as a pump power failure or pump failure which is not related to a power loss. The electronic controlled surge valve will be fully open before the returning surge arrives at the valve. The surge valve will, after a pre-set time delay, close slowly. The valve will respond at any time to over pressure surges independent of the electronic controls. 

System indicators provide local visual indication of system and valve status, in addition to mode selection & timer configuration. The SC-22D is supplied with contacts for mode selection, testing the system, limit switch, pressure switch (optional), pump start command (optional), and alarm conditions. The Cla-Val Pacific SC-22D Electronic Surge Control Panel is manufactured to ensure a minimum amount of field wiring. It is pre-programmed for the most common surge control applications. Custom application programming is available upon request.