• PV10

PV10 Open Body Pinch Valve


The Cla-Val Pacific Series PV10 Open Body Pinch Valves provide simple means to manually control the flow of abrasive and corrosive slurries, liquids and solids.

The valve operates by turning the handwheel clockwise to close, counter-clockwise to open like a gate valve, but unlike a gate valve the PV10 series valve has no sliding or rubbing metal surfaces to wear out - the sleeve is merely squeezed to the desired open or closed position. As a standard sleeve material, pure gum rubber with reinforced polyester fabric is used for highest strength and longer lasting cycle life.
Advantages include:
  • Short face-to-face
  • Full port area
  • Center sleeve closure
  • Tight shut-off on solids
  • Over pinch guard
  • Positive pull opening tabs
  • Valve position clearly visible
  • Rugged carbon steel body
  • Easy to operate at high pressure
  • Lubricated stem and bearing pad
  • Stainless steel guide rods
  • Reduced port sleeve for throttling flow
  • Double wall sleeves for severe service