CRD-L Pressure Reducing Valve


The Cla-Val Model CRD-L Pressure Reducing Valve automatically reduces a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower downstream pressure with our unique design making it ideal for commercial high rise fire protec tions systems. This valve is an accurate regulator capable of holding downstream pressure to a predetermined amount, regardless of upstream pressure fluctuations. 

Product Advantages
  • Meets Requirements of “Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act”
  • Operates in Any Position
  • Easy Installation
  • Gauge Connections Standard
  • All Bronze Body and Cover

Typical Applications

  • High rise buildings: Use CRD-L Pressure Reducing Valves in fire protection systems (as well as potable water, boiler feed air conditioning, etc.) to control pressure fluctuations between floors.
  • Industrial plants: Use CRD-L Pressure Reducing Valves between a high pressure supply system and equipment requiring lower pressure. Typically CRD-L Pressure Reducing Valves are used at supply connections for water heaters, boiler feed water or other process water systems, including fire protection systems.
  • Municipal water systems: Use CRD-L Pressure Reducing Valves at service connections in a high pressure distribution zone. Depending on flow requirements, CRD-L’s may be installed in parallel. One CRD-L provides desired outlet pressure while the second CRD-L handles low flow conditions. If necessary, additional CRD-L’s can be added for more flow capacity. The CRD-L is also ideal for a low flow bypass around a larger Cla-Val 90 Series Pressure Reducing Valve.