90-PRV-175-25 Fire Protection Pressure Restricting Valve

The Cla-Val Pacific 2 ½” Model 90-PRV-175-25 features a Forged Brass finish body with Forgeline Bonnet and Seat Assembly. The system water pressure is controlled by adjusting the flow restriction, however, if full flow is required the restriction can be overridden.

This heavy duty design is factory tested to 300 psi (2070 KPa).  It is also UL/ULC Listed and FM approved. 

Product Advantages
  • Sensitive and Accurate Pressure Restriction
  • Easy Adjustment and Maintenance
  • UL/ ULC Listed  
  • FM Approved
Available End Connections
  • Female NPT x Male Hose (Angle)-FM
  • Female NPT x Female NPT
  • Groove X Male Outlet