• 350-02/3650-02

350-02 & 3650-02 Electronic Pressure Sustaining Control Valve

(350-02 & 3650-02)

Cla-Val Models 350-02 and 3650-02 Electronic Actuated Pressure Sustaining Control Valves combine precise control of field proven Cla-Val hydraulic pilots and simple, remote valve control. Models 350-02/3650-02 are hydraulically operated, pilot controlled, modulating valves designed to maintain constant upstream pressure within close limits.  These valves can be used for pressure sustaining, back pressure or unloading functions in a by-pass system.  The valves use a CRL-34 pilot control, consisting of a hydraulic pilot and integral controller, that accepts a remote set-point command input and makes set-point adjustments to the pilot. 

The valves are designed to be used with supervisory control systems (SCADA), having remote analog set-point output and process variable upstream pressure input, using the VC-22D Electronic Control Valve as the interface. It is also an effective solution for lowering costs associated with “confined space” requirements by eliminating need for entry into valve structure for set-point adjustment.
Additional pilot controls, hydraulic and/or electronic, can be easily added to perform multiple control functions to fit exact system requirements.