• 349GF

349GF Ground Fueling Strainer Ball Valve


The Cla-Val Model 349GF Strainer Ball Valve bolts to the inlet of any CLA-VAL Nozzle (and some Nozzles from other manufacturers) and allows for quick and easy strainer checks.

Advantages include:

  • Side port allows for visual checking of strainer with no fuel spillage
  • Side port opens for Strainer cleaning with minimal exposure to uncontained fuel
  • Can be used with Cla-Val model 341GF and 347GF Nozzles
  • Ball and Strainer can be reversed for de-fuel operations
  • Safety lock prevents unintentional reversal
  • Strong enough to withstand hydrostatic hose testing in closed position
  • Has swivel joint inlet with internal threads for connecting to delivery hose