• 347GF

347GF Cla-Val Refueling Nozzle


The Cla-Val 347GF Nozzle is designed per SAE AS5877 and is constructed entirely of aluminum and stainless steel, with fuel resistant Nitrile, Acetal and Polyurethane seals.  All aluminum surfaces are anodized or coated to prevent corrosion.  No copper, zinc, or alloys thereof are used in construction.  The 347GF Nozzle connects to an aircraft “single point adapter” conforming to specification MS24484.

The Cla-Val 347GF Nozzle is designed to maximize safe refueling operations. An internal interlock system, fully contained within the nozzle, prevents it from being opened when not connected to an aircraft adapter.  In addition, when connected to an aircraft adapter, the 347GF Nozzle cannot be removed until the operating lever is first rotated to the fully closed position. 
Advantages include:
  • Designed per SAE AS5877
  • Connects to MS24484 Single Point Adapter
  • Six Slot Connection Head
  • Integrated Durable Swivel Joint
  • Light Weight and Compact Size
  • All Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction
  • Fuel Resistant Seals