34 Series Air Release Valve

(34 Series)

Cla-Val Pacific 34 Series Air Release Valves are designed to vent entrained air that collects at high points in a pipeline.  This valve continuously eliminates air from a system by releasing small quantities of air before large air pockets can occur. In many installations, continuing accumulations of air in the pipeline (lacking air release valves); cause flow capacity to slowly decrease; power consumption slowly increases; un-noticeable at first, until flow drops dramatically, even stopping due to air blocks in the piping.

During normal pipeline operation, air accumulation at the high point will displace the liquid within the air valve and lower the water level in relation to the float. As level of the liquid lowers, where the float is no longer buoyant, the float drops and opens the valve orifice seat and permitting accumulated air to be exhausted to atmosphere.