124-14 & 624-14 Float Valve with Pressure Sustaining Control

(124-14 & 624-14)
Cla-Val Models 124-14 and 624-01 Float Valves accurately control the liquid level in tanks as well sustains pressure using a CRL or CRL-60 Pressure Relief Pilot Control to a pre-determined set point. Thess valves are designed to open fully when the liquid level reaches a pre-set low level point and close drip-tight when the level reaches a pre-set high point.

This is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm valve with the pilot control and float mechanism mounted on the cover of the main valve. The float positions the pilot control to close the valve when the float contacts the upper stop. The high and low liquid levels are adjusted by positioning the stop collars on the float rod. The difference between high and low levels can be adjusted to as little as 1" (25 mm), or to as much as 18" (450 mm). Level settings can be as much as 11.5 feet (17,526 mm) below the valve. The float mechanism may be located remotely from the main valve.