55F-60 Pressure Relief Valve


The Cla-Val Pacific Model 55F-60 Pressure Relief Valve is a direct-acting, spring loaded, diaphragm type relief valve. The valve may be installed in any position and will open and close within very close pressure limits. The bottom plug may be removed and installed in the inlet to convert it to an angle pattern flow path.

Advantages include:
  • Direct Acting - Precise Pressure Control
  • Positive Dependable Opening
  • Drip Tight Closure
  • No Packing Glands or Stuffing Boxes
  • Sensitive to Small Pressure Variations
Typical applications:
A Model 55F-60 is used in high-rise building water systems to prevent pressure build-up whenever line pressure exceeds the setting of the spring. 
Typically installed downstream of pressure reducing valves, the 55L-60 relieves excess pressure to atmosphere to prevent damage to the distribution network.