Throughout the world, Cla-Val has long been regarded as the foremost expert in automatic control valve design and manufacturing. From the first control valve in the 1930s to the latest control valves shipping today from factories throughout the world, Cla-Val products are known for their quality of design and construction and their superior performance. Now with an expansive facility and dedicated team of valve experts in Christchurch, our customer and industry focus grew beyond New Zealand to Australia and countries and provinces throughout the Asia-Pacific Region. 

We are pleased to share the product and industry knowledge we have developed over nearly 85 years in the articles shown below.  Originally posted as blog articles at, we had added a few more details and images for you to view.

  • Central Plains Irrigation Stage Two Project Overview
    • Cla-Val Automatic Control Valves are an integral part of the massive Irrigation Schemes in the Central Plains of New Zealand (CLICK HERE)
  • Sky-High Water Delivery: Fluid Control in High-Rise Buildings
    • Supplying water in high-rise buildings has changed dramatically over the past few decades as architects sand contractors design and build ever-taller residential and commercial structures. (CLICK HERE)​
  • Top Ten Reasons Why Water Companies Should Try Pressure Optimization to Save Water 
    • There are many ways to save water but onLY one that requires no consumer participation. (CLICK HERE)

  • Why Product Training is a Must for Water System Operators

    • Learn how excellent product training can make the difference between adequate and superior performance for automatic control valves (CLICK HERE)

  • Ultimate Capabilities for Automatic Control Valves
    • Read an overview about the VC-22D Electronic Valve Controller and how it can be used to optimize your water distribution system (CLICK HERE)
  • How To Deal With Noisy Piping Systems in High-Rise Buildings
    • Read how one skyscraper in Los Angeles was able to dramatically reduce noise caused by cavitation in their domestic water piping system and significantly extend the life of their automatic control valves (CLICK HERE)
  • Water Emergency Update 2015
    • Read an overview explaining how the simple management of pipeline pressure based on current demand can significantly reduce water lost through insidious leaks and catastrophic pipe breaks. (CLICK HERE)
  • Simple Strategies for Long-Life and Trouble-Free Control Valve Operation
    • Learn how simple steps can extend the service life of an automatic control valve and prevent performance problems from occurring.  (CLICK HERE)